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Question Making a Merge Patch to Dynamically Load Assets based on Loaded ESPs


New Member
Hello all I am looking to Create a Merged Sorting Patch to CC Content and was hoping to be able to release it to the Nexus but didn't want it to force Users to Get all the CC Content I have to use, sort of like the Slocom Joe's Plots from the Mega Pack. I just don't know how to do that, at current.


Wasteland Venturers
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Support Team
Sorry this has gone unanswered! There is a way to make your mod independent of the CC content, but you need to know your way around Papyrus (Bethesda's programming language).

If you already do, you might take a look at how Cpt Coots set up his Creation Club Delayed mod. In the download section he has included the source code.
If you are a beginner mod author, you could start with Kinggath's mod School series on youtube, especially the scripting vids. There is also the creation kit wiki, here's the info on how to make your mod dynamically use info from other mods.