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Suggestion Lower Polygons Plots (versions) for lower end PCs


Make version of mods with plots that have meshes with lower polygons to work on medium and lower specs systems (PCs). Looks like not all of us are millioners ).
It seems that mod works fine but all the problem is in Polygons and build limit, on medium PC build limit is somewhere like 300k and with increase (scraping guns) it takes around 800k , and only a HiPoly plot takes 30-50k, so if I have 30 settlers with 60 plots (including and houses) than limit capacity should be 3mln. polygons. Crashes take place when there many (exceed of 800k) are HiPoly plots and when these plots add too many elements and clutter.
So it would be very nice to have variants of mods with meshes that have maximum 8-12k polygons.
As for me it is better to have Higher quality CONTENT in game and interesting things in mechanics than High quality visuals, visuals are cool too but if to choose between I would choose COntent not visuals.
I have an i5 and 8 Gb Ram and 2Gb VideoCard so the max build limit is around 800-850k polygons.


I agree with what you're saying that this should be a top level option for the entire mod, especially the Year 3 Mega Pack has some extremely heavy residential plots that don't seem to have lower poly versions. Number of lights is a problem too, some of the newer batch of plots are hard to render even with lower numbers of polys.