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Terry 770 Matrix

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Waffle part :I havn't played fallout or sim settlements for a long while now so correct me if things have changed,when i first played fallout ,building a settlement took time (although it was difficult,i need copper !),i got attached to the settlers and missed them when i went away for some time.Now with Rise of the commenwealth i can set a leader,have it build and now have no real sense of connection.

Why i post: After watching kinggath's lets play i notice in industrial revolution you have a container function to add junk to help them build. Now i'm thinking in the older version of sim settlements where you just have the plots you add the same container function to all the plots,so each individual plot needs it's junk to build rather than the whole settlement like in Rise of the commenwealth.

How i envison it: I put my first plot down, it dosn't build,i go clear a dungeon or area to fill up on junk,put it all inside container then the first level builds,then i do the same for the next plot or higher level of build of a plot.So you focus on a plot,care more about the time and effort invested in it. After you have 5 settlers you can use salvage beacons so settlers will pick up junk and make life a bit easier.

Difficulty : I'm a hardcore survival difficulty player so i don't mind 500 lbs of junk worth of time and investment,but for others maybe a difficulty slider in mcm so they can alter the junk amounts.