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    I started working on a Taffington Boathouse settlement. I wanted to make it into a nice easy going plan of 20 settlers. However I keep running into an issue where my settlers are constantly drowning. Which is a big problem because of Conqueror and the happiness penalty for a death. Not to mention suddenly having no power or water.

    So my deign plan was to include two industrial interior plots in the boathouse (water and power.) I boarded over the floor and went with that.

    The first drowning death occurred when a settler fell below the floor somehow and was unable to get back up. So I reworked the floor to allow a ladder to get back up.

    It failed, still had a drowning death. So I decided to just throw the 2x2 cement foundations as a floor instead.

    Next thing I know one of the beachfront plots on the wooden foundation did it. So it got replaced by the ugly concrete foundation.

    Well the last method in the boathouse flopped too because apparently the plot floor was below the foundation floor. So I put a wooden floor on top of the foundation floor.

    So just when I think I have the issue resolved one of my settler drown underneath the vanilla porch (the area near the trash cans.)

    Now how the hell can ya work around these drowning conditions when the basic vanilla settlement can cause it?

    I want a functioning settlement that neither I or anyone else using has to deal with drowning deaths. Simply because it is a complete pain in the ass trying to figure out who drowned sometimes and having to go around checking each plot to see which one has no worker can be tedious. Never mind finding the corpse so you can reuse their clothing and such.

    Speaking of which how are to know if people fixed the drowning issues or did not create new ones with the Warwick contest plans this month?

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