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Question Let settlers take care of everything


New Member
I'm a completely ne player to sim settlements 2, I've just completed the tutorial to get the sensors. However my question is: is it possible to let my settlers take care of everything? By that I mean can I let them place down plot on their own? I think that was how sim settlements 1 worked, maybe unlock the feature by completing the quests.

Another question is, do I have to place a radio station at each settlement to get these settlers to come and build stuff?

Din'elen DarkStar

Well-Known Member
City Planner (S3)
Nope just like old Paul says. They only work if you put them down. City plans will help but you still need some level of involvement. Yes you need a beacon or Communication plot to attract settlers.


Active Member
You can attract all of your settlers to the first settlement and then move them to any other settlement without beacons or Comm plots. You only need the first one.