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Learning More About City Plan Creation


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At the core, City Plans, are simply settlement designs that appear in phases, and our quick start guide is all you need to follow.

But, if you're looking to learn even more about creating great City Plans, or adding in more advanced functionality, we have a ton of resources available.

Addon Maker's Toolkit

This includes a series of detailed guides, written for folks of any experience level. It includes how-to guides, tips for designing levels, and even advanced possibilities you can pull off to make your City Plan more engaging for players.

Downloadable PDFs
Wiki Version

Youtube Videos

How to Compete in the City Plan Contest for Sim Settlements 2: This is the 5 minute quick-start take on how to make City Plans and enter them into the contest.

City Plan Contest Assistant Mod: In-Depth: This goes over all of the details about using the City Plan Contest Assistant mod, including covering what it does automatically, and some of the extra tools you can use.

Detailed Guide to City Planning for Sim Settlements 2: This is an in-depth version of the quick start guide that walks through the setup, and goes over some of the additional steps you might want to take to make your City Plan more fully featured.
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