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Last Minute Entry!


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Cutting it damn close, but if all goes to plan I'll have this up riiiight before the deadline.

Edit: Welcome to Vault City, friend! This both the name and the building style were based on Fallout 2's Vault City. I see that Harkness has already nabbed that title for their settlement, though, so I'll come up with an alternative at some point soon. ScreenShot23.png ScreenShot24.png ScreenShot25.png ScreenShot27.png ScreenShot28.png ScreenShot29.png ScreenShot30.png ScreenShot31.png ScreenShot32.png ScreenShot33.png
Level 3 Save:
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Downside to such a rushed entry: I just discovered that I used the wrong size floor piece in one spot, causing it to clip through the wall and into an indoor plot on the other side. The version I submitted is the version that should be judged, obviously, and if it's permissible I may make some upgrades and fix any other similar issues for the version that goes into the city plan pack.