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Question Large amount of Active Scripts titled "workshopscript" in ReSaver tool


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I have been troubleshooting some strange bugs which have been occurring to all my settlements (Happiness stuck everywhere, people unassigning themselves, auto-assign not always working, stuff like auto-close doors doesn't work).
Now I'm not here expecting all the solutions to the issues I'm having, but I did find something weird that I hope some people here can give me some more insight on.
I was using Fallrim tools to detect any possible errors in my saves as suggested on the SS1 "Issues" wiki page.
I see that in most savefiles, I have around ~30 active scripts and 99% of them are called "workshopscript":1679523322866.png
It seems that these scripts of the Workshop Framework are somehow massively delayed or something is stopping them from finishing.
I don't know how to make a readable export of my modlist on Vortex so here's a the "collection":
Now I started this savefile with some mods (only a few) from the Steam client (the ingame mod menu) but soon realized there was way more available on different platforms. I kept the same savefile throughout this so I think that might have something to do with it.

Could anyone help me with this? It would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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I'm having a similar issue with happiness "stuck" at 50% in some settlements. Checked Fallrim Tools and I'm seeing the same thing -- lots of "workshopscript" under "Active Scripts", running DailyUpdate() on a timer. My save has about ~50 of these active scripts.

If anybody familiar with scripting on the dev team could confirm whether this is normal, that would be helpful. It looks like it could be indicative of a bug in Sim Settlements or Workshop Framework.


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It's a little disappointing not to find the slightest answer to these polite, well-asked, well-documented questions which can have deep impacts on our game. Wanted or not, it also seems to indicate a complete lack of care or concern from the people in the know. Quite concerning for the community. I've been recommending mods by Kinggath left and right believing they were top quality and that there was actually some amount of support provided, here or on Nexus. Apparently I was wrong, thus I'll stop recommending them from now on.
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