Kingsport PartyHouse (TM)

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    After taking over Kingsport Lighthouse from the glow-obsessed children of Atom (and getting rid of all those pesky radiation traps), settlers began establishing a fishing and trading community. As they built up their town, they began offering visitors the opportunity to tag along on the small fishing boat they used to ship their wares to various places in the Commonwealth. With the success of the Boat Tours, they used their hard-earned wealth get rid of the Lighthouse's lingering smell of feral ghoul and turned it into a PartyHouse(TM).

    Supports 14 settlers + city leader
    Add-on packs used: Flotsam & Jetsam, Wasteland Ventures

    Plot list:
    Agriculture: 4
    Commercial: 3 + blue man
    Residential: 15
    Industrial: 2
    Martial: 2
    Recreational: 2

    Enter Kingsport via the main road but make sure to check in with security. Those doghouses aren’t there for decoration!

    Traders can rest and relax at the small caravan outpost, though it can get rather crowded!

    After passing police inspection, visitors can start to enjoy the town’s luxuries. Visit the Colonial Taphouse for all sorts of food and drink (it’s not as…odd as what Theodore Collins sells at Longneck Lukowski’s down the road), repair your armor or stock up on ammo at the workshop, or see what the rest of the shop keeps have in stock.

    If you head towards the docks, you'll be able to get lucky at the PartyHouse™, where you can play board games or restored arcade games, watch TV, enjoy some company in the red room, or if you can make it to the top…

    You can enjoy our bar at the top of the lighthouse, where we have any drink that takes your fancy. Mind the railings though. It’s a bit of a drop!

    Looking back towards the settlement entrance, you’ll see our other two shops, a side view of the Taphouse, and the greenhouse.

    Past the PartyHouse™ is where the majority of the magic happens, though you’ll want to stay out of the boss’s home. Here, we run a water purifying plant, farm and fish, and ship our goods to nearby settlements via our fishing boats. If you need safe passage to a seafaring settlement, be sure to sign up to ride one of our 3 Boat Tours – they may be a little pricey, but you won’t be eaten by super mutants or shot by raiders!
    20190527192103_1.jpg 20190527213714_1.jpg

    If you aren’t interested in traveling the Commonwealth in style, make sure you visit the butcher as you leave the docks. You may not see him much, but we promise, he’s always choppin' that meat!
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    :buba wooo bring on le party house!
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    just over 24 hours to go ;)
    make sure you have your 10 pics in your first post.
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    Whoah, I'm glad you posted this, uituit. Since this is my first contest, I missed that it all ends on the 28th, not the 31st. Guess I better go re-read those rules a little more closely and nail down the last little bits of work. I'm almost done building, but haven't even installed Transfer Settlements, let alone pulled out any plans.

    Best of luck to you Kynthia! I hope to see you in the final!

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    Just because...have a few more screenshots!
    Player home
    Fresh mirelurk! He sometimes leaves the pen to 'help' at the water purification plant.

    From the PartyHouse(TM), we have the red room, board games, and the TV room.
    20190527201512_1.jpg 20190527201523_1.jpg 20190527201535_1.jpg
    And...the dead dolphin that you can't scrap always annoyed I made him a shrine :)
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    Looks classy.
    Probably to expensive for the like of me to visit.
    I see your nod to Conqueror, nice touch!
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    The lighthouse bar is magnificent!

    Great work!
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