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Kingsport Lighthouse. KingsVil


City Planner (S3)
This is the entry I'm working on for this month.
Kingsport Lighthouse
KingsVil: Come for the View & Stay for Awhile.


A work in progress, nearing completion.
Just working on my finishing touches.
I have my layout, my town and my buildings complete.
And now just to add some clutter.
I hope you'll enjoy it.


City Planner (S3)
While testing my build I thought I would just share an overview shot of the town, to give you a look at what you can expect.


I am in the process now of populating the town with items and some clutter, working towards making my stages.
I'll post another update as I go.


City Planner (S3)
I'm just finished my last placements, less then a millimeter of space left on my bar, but I managed to squeeze everything in.
Here are a few overheads and some shots of my community.

First the backstory tho...
KingVil, was created to house the LightHouse Keepers and the people that are apart of it.
You are the lighthouse keeper, given the fully restored and upgraded home of the lighthouse keepers.
A home used by those, who throughout history, have kept the Lighthouse beacon alive.
The town and community work together at keeping this part of history alive.
Fully self sufficient, it can house 16(+1) settlers.
It has 20 plots in total. 4 living spaces and 16 work plots.
With it's water, power and food resources, the town is fully self sufficient.
It includes a caravan route so it can be connected to other communities.
All Workbenches available.
Player's Home Available.
The home has 3 floors
The first floor includes a kitchen, dining room, den, living room and side door workshop and tool-shed.
Workbenches available in several locations, with all types of benches available.
The second floor has a bedroom with bed (+1), bathroom, work area with SS2 Workstation and an attached clinic with basic power
The third floor is a greenhouse, supplying the community with food.
The docks have been restored and include a BoardWalk with shops and a Restaurant called the "Captain's Stash
The docks also include fishing and boat areas.
Supplying the Captain's Stash with fresh catch for their meals.
As well as a water plant on the waters edge.
To much to list and more to see.

And now some pics

The community is defended from all sides with walls, sandbag barriers, turrets and guard posts.
It has front, rear and beach/dockside access.
It is powered by solar panels and a basic indoor power plot which provides ample power for the community.
Between water pumps, a water tank and a basic water plot, the town also has ample water.
The greenhouse supplies the town with ample food from it's 3 interior plots and the endurance training facility that helps increase farming.
It does include one outdoor advanced garden plot that also adds to food production.
The Caravan Plot links it with other communities providing additional income.
It includes a small generator and recruitment beacon.

Now for some of the town and interiors:


This is a lore friendly community.
Soon to be released.
Stage 3 completed.
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