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Kinggath's Tips/Tutorials

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So I've always wanted to do papyrus tutorials, but I just don't have the bandwidth to do it right now.

At the same time, I'm constantly writing code, writing myself notes so I don't repeat mistakes, or discovering new tricks to make mods that function better in Fallout 4. So rather than just documenting everything in my own notes, I'm going to start doing so on this forum.

If you are an old hand scripter, and you find that something I write up is incorrect, please mention it in that thread. I have no ego in this space, I just want to pass along useful information!

If you are new to scripting Papyrus, and want clarification on something, feel free to ask.

If you need my attention on any of these threads, definitely tag me with @kinggath I only have time once or twice a week to actually browse the forum - so tagging me when my input is needed is appreciated!
Not open for further replies.