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KG's Let's Play is a treasure trove of invaluable information for me


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(I'm not sure if I'm even supposed to post in this section of the forum - if not, please be gentle ^^)

I've been watching the Let's Play series of videos on YouTube by the man himself, @kinggath, and looking back I wish I would have taken the time to take notes while watching from the start. The reason being, besides being generally entertaining, there is a lot of information hidden inside these videos which I personally find to be very educating and generally helpful to get a better experience in my own recent and future playthroughs: SS best practices, recommended mods and ones to be avoided, Conqueror tips and tricks, known issues, potential workaraounds, useful console commands, and much more...

I guess all of the same information can be found elsewhere, on the wiki, forums or tutorials - it's just the fact the particular bits of information are 'linked' with a specific context or situation in game I can relate to, which makes them easier to understand for me personally.

All this to the extent that I'm seriously considering re-watching the whole series and taking notes this time, IF I can find the time.

If I decide to do just that: Would anyone here be interested in getting a list of these information snippets?

Of course I would have to consider how to format and sort such a list, how to identify and deal with outdated information, and soon I might find myself overwhelmed with the task at hand...