July 2019 Specifics

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    Settlement Options

    -Somerville Place
    -Warwick Homestead


    • T-shirts for top 3 and gog/steam games to the winner!
    • Plus bonus prizes for every valid entry past 7 we get - bonus prizes will include things like Blu Rays, additional T-shirts, and more that will be given out to other people outside of the top 3! (ie. if we get 10 valid entries, there will 3 bonus prizes)
    • All participants with a valid entry will score a free month of Nexus Premium, which gets you ad-free and faster downloads on Nexus.
    (If you're interested in contributing anything to the prize pool, such as games, merch, gift-cards, etc, PM me!)

    Special Requirements

    Each round, we'll have some requirements of your City Plan. Sometimes it will be specific items, special rules, or even themes, see below for current special requirements.

    • Must have at least 20 plots. They can be any combination of types and classes.
    • At least 1 of each plot class - the classes are Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Martial, Recreational, and Residential.
    • Must support at least 11 settlers, but no more than 15. That means a job and bed for each settler (from plots or otherwise)
    • Keep within double the build limit. To get approximately that amount on your build limit meter, use the City Manager holotape to reset the build limit, and then use the increase build limit tool within it 3 times. All of these options can be found under Tools > Configuration Tools.
    • JULY THEME: None. Use your imagination and show us what you can do with these settlements!

    General Requirements

    The following requirements will likely apply to every month's contest.

    - Must have a Recruitment Beacon in each level.
    - Must have a City Planner's Desk in each level.
    - Can only use items from the base game, Sim Settlements, or those unlocked by the Project Blueprint mod (excluding the DLC specific lists!) from the City Planner's Toolkit.

    Pick your settlement from the list above and GO GO GO!
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