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Question Jammer not acknowledging first attack finish


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I just started my third play through, and after attacking Starlight for the first attack mission, after completing it and gaining control of Starlight, Jammer is still in Concord and tells me the raiders are waiting for me to start the attack. All of my attackers are in Starlight.

I also used transfer settlements to bring in the foundation level of my own sanctuary build. I started doing his quests once the import was complete and building navmeshes, so I'm wondering if that's at all related.

I used Fallrim to look back through some of my saves and they all started getting unattached instances after I started doing his quests.

Any thoughts, or should I go roll back and start his quests before importing my settlement?


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Hard to say what exactly caused this, we've had several major bug fix patches since this patch - so its possible the issue was a bug in our system that has been resolved.

I generally wouldn't worry about Unattached Instances, those are pretty normal in FO4.

(Apologies for the long delay in a response. I tend to only visit the support section of the forums when someone tags me in for help and I wanted to clear out some of the Unanswered posts today.)