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Question Jammer Dialogue Issues


I've been going on about this bug for a few days now and tried fixing it myself but came empty handed. I've done some research and looked into the quest leading after the dialogue where it is broken and noticed that the stages, with using sqs ID, have already had stages 0-4 and 100 tagged as done. I don't know exactly what those stages do, but stage 100 is the very last stage in the quest. I've tried setting the stage to a couple higher than stage 4 and the marker and quest started but jammers dialogue was yet still bugged.

With that being said, I've also noticed that when we went to the murder scene, he mentioned the Minutemen attack, which had me thinking that the dialogue of that could be conflicting at the same time with the dialogue for A Blast From the Past and I've also noticed that a Raider, which I can't manage, is periodically standing with Jammer as if he is trying to say something. I'm confident that three things are messing up jammers dialogue but I have now at for a work around.

I've posted a video of what the bug looks like and I have also created a drive folder containing my latest save file and my mod list load order.

Overall, I'm pretty confident Conqueror is messing the dialogue up for Jammer in some way or another, and is seriously breaking the quest line.

Drive Folder


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this happened in my game as well, for me jammer was in a dialog with a npc, but a settlement attack happened and they all went to fight, i ended up mistakenly killing the dude he was talking to without noticing and kept playing, once i finally noticed i could not speak with him, what i did was just use "recycleactor" in jammer and he started talking with me again, he also talked alone and finished the scene with the dead dude, since i'm playing on survival going back to a older save was not a option.
well hopefully this wont cause any consequences down the road for me