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Question I want to convert a OG Sim settlement mod into a shiny new SS2 mod.


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the mod in question:
I used this mod in OG Sim settlements as I am kinda terrible at city planning and management.
now for anyone who wants to answer, pretend I am the stupidest person who has ever tried to mod this game and knows absolutely nothing about how to build mods in Fallout 4.
how would I do this?


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Make sure you ask for permission from the author as well.


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Make sure you ask for permission from the author as well.
Just the man I was looking for! I have found your Mini Bedroom to be the single most useful 1x1 interior residential plot in the SS universe! But it hasn't migrated to SS2 yet! Is there a way I can change that? I've seen mention in my wiki/forum searches of upgrading plots from SS1 to SS2, but have so far been unable to find the actual directions on how to do so...either just for myself (I've never released an Elder Scrolls or Fallout mod to the wild), or, for the SS2 community at large.
May I have permission to play with your plot? And can you point me to directions on how to do so? is your handle pronounced? In my head it is U-ee-Too-it. Am I close?