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Hub of the Problem V1.0.13 With a "pseudo" Solution


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I have not had any problems with Hub of the Problem until this patch. When in the VaultHub room, I can get Jake to respond to the Printer Button and he will respond to me powering up the Communications. However, when he tells me to go to the other room to flip the switch. He immediately stands from the radio, runs into the room with the ASAM's on the test bench, and stands there holding a clipboard. no response when I activate the switch, and just talking to him will not get a response. I also tried to activate the holo tape in the safe first a few times and no response either. I even tried to moveto player console command him to the locations with no effect.

I reinstalled v1.0.12 from the Nexus and reloaded the same game save where we just walked into the VaultHub room. all the triggers for the quest work fine. even doing them out of order according to the quest stage list on the wiki. went from Button to tape to power. All conversations and the quest completed like they used to.

So, my suggestion is. Don't uninstall V1.0.12 just yet. Disable it and run v1.0.13 so you can get the quest to start properly if you were one of the ones having that problem. Then try and run the quest. if v13 helped and you had no problems. great. if you were like me and v13 broke the quest like I listed above. then do like I did. make a save as you enter the VaultHub room. disable V13 and turn on V12. then when the quest is done you can probably turn V13 back on to get its other benefits.
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For me he runs into the room and starts working on a computer and is non-responsive. I will roll back to the last patch.


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It would be nice - just spent 2 days trying to get this to work. Starting over with SS2 disabled, very frustrating
A "version 1.0.13a" is up on Nexus at least now, that purports to have fixed it again. (phrasing is due to having not personally verified, but I assume its fine)
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