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Please Read How to Report Items

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When reporting items that have problems in the Project Blueprint Mods, we're going to need your help to identify them.

Below are three ways you can report, the more of these you do, the quicker it will be for us to fix them.

1. Include the name of the item in the build menu if available (some items have no names)
2. Include a screenshot of the problem item.
3. Include the base ID. To get this, you'll need the mod Better Console F4SE, which will show the Base Id in the lower-right hand corner when you select an item in console.

Once you've include that information, be sure to tag your post with one of the prefixes: Missing Collision, Menu Crashes, Missing Snaps, or Missing Collision. These prefixes will ensure the appropriate person on the team in charge of those issues can quickly find them!
Not open for further replies.