How to fix bricked game (XB1)

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    I was cleaning up my sanctuary settlement after a gunner attack and got into my power armor one of my Raiders was using. Long story short I tried to repair and add more pieces I had found but the game crashed and completely blocked me out of fallout 4.

    I found a method that works if you brick your fallout 4 game.
    First method is deleting all of your mods. It's in the manage games and add-ons. Go all the way to the bottom where it says Saved data and delete the reserved 2 GB.

    Second method, if that first one doesn't work is to reinstall the entire game w/ add-ons. (if you're unlucky like me, this took 6 hours) once it's done do a hard reset and try again.

    I hope this helps someone out, I panicked when I couldn't get it to start up because I had finally advanced the quest to the part where the you get Maul (which was impossible for me because my prior save games all crashed.)

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