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    I tend to be very disorganized, so probably the best way for me would be to copy someone else's hotkeys layout for Workshop Framework/Workshop Plus. I'd like to ask, what is your setup for the hotkey configuration? My first thought would be to use number pad or numbers row or Ins/Home/Page Up/Page Down/End but of course Place Everywhere uses those.

    The new features are obviously things we will all use constantly!

    Alternatively, I would like to suggest a default hotkey configuration which might help in cases like if a newcomer to FO4 building asks questions and the answer pertains to Workshop Framework/Workshop Plus's features.
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    I currently have only two hotkeys mapped, because Place Everywhere and Outfit Swapper seem to take all the spare keys.

    Shift-[ is my clone button
    Shift-\ is my fast-save button

    I’ve not yet dug into the layers and suchlike.

    Would welcome input from others also.

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