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Hot Keys Layout?

Viral Gamer

New Member
I'm terrible at figuring out which keys to make into hotkeys. It takes me like 3 hours and then my fingers are still playing twister on the keyboard. Having admitted my one fault (grin), I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing their key mapping list for greatest functionality.

And, #Kinggath, is there an ini file we can edit to set up our keymappings?

FYI: I have a Razor Orbweaver, Naga, and a Logitech G510. So, you think I could figure this out. I know how to program the keys, I just don't know what to map them to for best affect.


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If you wanted to use FO4 Hotkeys, you could set up an ini, but that conflicts with MCM which has a much better hotkey system and would recommend you use that instead. You can press the keys directly in the MCM screen for Workshop Plus.

I personally play with an Xbox controller, so its easy for me to dedicate a lot of my keyboard to the hotkeys. I tend to just hotkey the stuff I use all the time until I get to a point where I need access to something special, then I'll go back and hotkey that in the moment.

My current setup is this:

F: Toggle Flight (sometimes its useful to turn it off, especially to get through doorways)
T: Toggle Freeze Time
Z: Undo
X: Redo
C: Clone
N: New Layer
L: Switch Layer
K: Clear Layer
H: Toggle Layer
J: Toggle Active Layer Highlighting

Viral Gamer

New Member
Yeah, I can't use a controller but I just discovered the numpad on my keyboard is not being used for anything. In Skyrim, I used to use it for Dev Aveza controls. So, I will give this a go.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Viral Gamer

New Member
Spent all morning coming up with a 'non-conflicting' plan that included Fallout 4 (some custom keybinds), Place Everywhere (default keybinds, I think), and Workshop Plus (all custom keybinds). I have attached it as a PDF file here if anyone wants to save themselves the time.

A few notes. I use a Left-Hand Keypad, Programmable Keyboard and Mouse combo. So, my setup may not work out 100% for you. But, didn't want to not offer the help, just in case.

I think out keyboard manufacturers need to start thinking about giving us some more keys to use. LOL.


  • Fallout 4 Custom Keybinds.pdf
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