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Bug High maintenance cost and a few little other bugs


I'm using the all in one sim settlement with the 'Leaders of Commonwealth' addon and i had to remove maintenance cost because Oberland has a maintenance around 500 caps/day and Sanctuary something near 2800.
Oberland has nothing built by me and Sanctuary a couple turrets a generator and two water purifiers; as you can see it's not a 50 maintenance with 40 expected but a really weird value that makes paying for it near to impossible.
In both settlement i'm using the vanilla plan complex
Other settlements are ok; in those where i built something i'm paying one cap for every defence/energy i added
I tried refreshing but nothinbg changed.

Other bugs:
In a couple settlements i have industrial plots that dont develop; agricoltural and residential do but industrial are still in building phase even if they have a settler working on them; looking at plaque it says industrial, settler assigned, powered but the description is something like melon mud farm not something industrial.

The doormat where you land when fast traveling is, in a couple settlements outside the building area. I want it where i have the workshop and the desk but i cannot build another nor move the existing one where i want

In some settlement base level farms produce just one food, not the two they should; once they reach lvl 2 they produce six as expected