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    City Planners Toolkit
    Project Blueprint mods(PBP), included with the city planners toolkit. PBP contains thousands of items that can be used for your city builds. These objects will show up in game even for those who do not have this mod.

    Optional mods.(not required but will make things easier for you)
    F4SE -
    Place Everywhere :
    Transfer Settlements :
    Settlement Menu Manager :
    Better Console - F4SE :

    Technically, you don’t actually need Project Blueprint, Place Everywhere, Settlement Menu Manager, or Better Console F4SE to create a City Plan, but they are necessary (or incredibly helpful) to make it through the entire tutorial series.

    Other helpful mods.
    HUDFramework :
    Architect Save:Sim Settlements City Planner savegame :
    Spawn Settler Button for Sim Settlements :

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