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Question Help with builder terminal


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Having a problem with the builder terminal's not showing up on the workshop terminal. Does anyone have experience with builder menu's?


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Builder terminal / menus and workshop terminal. I’ve not heard of these before. More info and some pictures for context?


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With the Contraptions Workshop DLC you can use various builders like in the picture below to build ammo, food, weapons, armor and other items. They can be configured to scrap items. There is also conveyors and hoppers. All the builders, conveyors and hoppers snap together so that one can build or scrap items. You also have to power them. But, I'm sure you already knew that
Builder.png In the picture below is the CK editor window for terminals, it is also the first screen for each builder and it is also the Native Terminal for the builder above. Most builders also have a second screen(Menus for item selection) and third screen to display recipes.
Below is the actual computer terminal that is wired to at least one contraption so that they can be controlled. I think it is the only one that can be used

My problem is that my builders are not showing up in the list on the above computer.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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I've been working with these myself and I'm somewhat familiar with them now. From what I can tell, each new machine needs:
  • a container object which is the actual builder machine.
  • a terminal that is the name of the machine (I'm guessing this is what tells the in game computer the machine is hooked up to it).
  • a terminal sub menu which lists the items.
I haven't actually tried making new builders, but you could check out Manufacturing Extended to see how they did it.

Edit: I should add that each builder can have up to 15 recipes and there is a papyrus script for each that determines how many (I believe it's hooked into the terminal object). Some of the vanilla builders have fewer and the only way to add more is to edit that script (as far as I know).
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