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Question Freeze Time persists after exiting workshop mode


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Great mod! Love it, have come to depend on it. Have found a small bug, however, for which I've also found a workaround. To wit, the Freeze Time effect persists after exiting workshop mode.

Specifically, with Freeze Time ON in MCM, immediately after exiting workshop mode time returns to normal for a brief second or two, then freezes again. Re-entering and exiting workshop mode alone doesn't fix it. Saving and reloading does not fix it. When you reload time is still 'frozen'.

(As an aside, if you jump while in this state your character hangs in midair, stuck in the 'jumping' position with arms up, and never comes back down to the ground.)

A workaround is turning Freeze Time OFF in MCM, then entering and exiting workshop mode again. That restores time (and your character) to normal.

EDIT: this doesn't happen every time I use the workshop, just sometimes. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to when it does or does not happen.

EDIT 2: maybe conflict with Place Everywhere? I just discovered it can change timescale while in build mode (which feature I've never used). I'll have to do some testing...
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