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Question Forum issue; multiple Conqueror issues


New Member
Hi SS friends! First, I tried creating a forum account on my PC (I am on mobile now), but during the account creation process I got this error: "401 Unauthorized. Your IP has been used by Spam Bots to attempt to register on this forum multiple times." Now I can't even view the forums anymore on my PC, every page is just that error message. I could see the forums before I tried creating an account so I know that some bot hasn't been spoofing my IP. Not sure what to do about this.

Anyway, my real question is about Kinggath's Raiders in conqueror. I have Sanctuary and Tenpines as vassals, RR and Starlight as outposts. My issues are:

1) I can't reassign roles by talking to raiders, all speaking to a raider does is open their inventory.

2) I can't move raiders between to outposts, only vassals. I have 7 warriors stuck in Sanctuary with two civilians and I can't move them back to Starlight (my main base), the only option that comes up is to move them to Tenpines.

3) I can't start an assault. I keep getting "something went wrong while attempting to setup your assault" every time I try. I have 10 warriors free.

Thanks anyone who can help with these problems! I've been playing SS for a long time, but this is my first go at Conqueror. It's been amazing so far but I'm worried now my save might be borked.