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Xbox Flight and speed shut off only working on old save files (6 months plus)


New Member
So, first of all, I *love* this mod. This is why I am posting for help! Flight in workshop mode is hands-down my favourite thing for building after tim-timman's Copypasta mod that lets the mad architect in me run free.

Recently (about three weeks ago), WSP suddenly stopped working. I don't know why; I hadn't been messing with my LO or anything. It just stopped, deleting and reinstalling didn't fix anything. Clearing my cache didn't fix anything. Starting new characters didn't fix anything.

But here's the weird part: on a whim, I decided to go back to some old save files (6 months or older) and...WSP works in those saves. Anything newer than that, it's broken.

Any ideas?

(Edit: I have redone/updated my LO in the last six months, and the old saves still work.)