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Info Needed Fallout Crash Guide

Jack Taco

Hello. When I FT to any settlement- after 3-5 seconds, the game freezes and I get the Windows error message "Fallout 4 has stopped working". I created a thread under help section but thinking maybe I should put these messages here.
Windows 10 64bit PC
Intel i7-2600k @ 3.4GHz
16GB ram
Nvidia GTX 780 3GB
Game installed on regular HD; OS drive is SSD
I no longer use any scrapping mods.
Im on my 3rd ROTC SS playthrough, after a major mod overhaul utilizing the "Mod Load Order Master List".
I will provide my save file and or load order upon request.

3/11 UPDATE:
Took a break from FO4 for a few weeks. Just updated SS/IR/ROTC to 3.1.5.Seems to alot more stable. I was able to FT to the Castle without CTD. I will test other settlements. Thanks to kinggath and staff for your efforts.
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What about a fast travel crash cause I am currently experiencing a fast travel crash/freeze any updates?


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Travel close and walk in slowly, then wait in that settlement at least 30 minutes real time to let it finish processing.

There's an xbox optimization thread floating around but I don't have it handy at the moment.


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Yeah what tankthing said about slow approach & hangout works pretty well at avoiding the 'overload' crash (except for my Egret, but that's another story).

FYI, I'm at 17 SimCities now.. latest version is running very well with my 55+ day character and 110+MB save files. And 5 yr old machine :)

Hey, Question: once a city/plot maxes out its level, does its script keep running (constant status check), or is there a way to 'shut it down' & save processing resources for still-active cities/plots?