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Suggestion Faction specific settlements tracking and Settlement radiant quests/attacks handler


New Member
A faction specific settlements tracking instead of defaulting to minutemen settlements counter would be useful. This would be both be a good modders resource for faction growth and immersive gear.

Example you play sim settlements 2 and a power armour vendor is within your town. With specific factions tracking for Settlements it would make it easier for a add-on developer to add an immersive way to introduce power armour to the minutemen by buying them for the faction in caps or donations if they are happy enough since it is a citizen militia.

Also recalculation of generation of ambient quests involving settlements attacks based on settlers gear defenses and stats with a function that can be called per separate settlement to modify the successful kidnapping or attack attempt. This would open up other mods to adjust the radiant quests generation rate. But could also make the rate take nearby allied settlements in account which could show support but it goes two ways. Since settlements under the same faction could be less developed then another. this opens the chance of new radiant quests generation with better gear they could have stolen from one of your Settlements.

This would make radiant settlements quest generation feel more organic and puts an extra incentive in building up settlements. As for the faction specific settlements handling. It only makes sense that if settlements grow independent of who manages them that they would effect their faction strength,gear and dependant on the amount of resources the Settlements. Since cooperation and growth breeds strength.

Sorry if I didn't formulate correctly why faction specific settlements and settlement specific radiant quest generation would be useful and a good modders resource. I would attempt something similar myself but I fear it would not be up to par with the rest of the workshop framework.