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    Hallo! First time poster but long time lover of sims settlements. When I saw the conquerer system go live I was quite excited, but jumped the gun and got a faction pack that had yet to support the liberator update update. Now that I have a new updated version, I tried to replace them! Although looking around, I was unable to find the "abandon outpost" button, likely due to 1. It might be their HQ since they have no other captured areas, and 2. They already have a vessel, I wouldn't mind some assistance in figuring out some way to change the faction, if at all possible, which currently inhabit the castle.

    P.S: sorry if this is a very stupid question, I didn't want to ask for support since the answer might be right infront if me, but after searching and putting up with it in my game, I caved and decided to look for help. Thank again and sorry for the bother!
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    I think that whenever you are playing with faction packs installed, if you go to an unowned/unbuilt settlement you can claim it and build a war planners desk, click the map on the desk to manage empire and then claim for faction. Then it will search for available faction packs, so maybe you can claim it for another faction that way.
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    You'll have to replace them the old fashioned way: at the end of a barrel. You can eliminate them by running an establish outpost attack with your new favorite faction on the old faction's outposts. You'll probably need to "liberate" the old faction's vassals as well.

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