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    I find myself thinking that with the settlements "wow wouldn't it be neat if a settler/building could do this or that?" even if it's something that isn't useful to me as a veteran player -- but I would have loved as a new player.
    That being, scouts.
    In some older fallouts, you could make a character that wasn't really terribly combat effective, and you'd have to avoid, run, sneak or talk past some threats, or rely on companions. That was what I attempted with my first character -- actually trying to roleplay a pre-apocalypse sheltered lawyer lady.
    It turns out that even at first level, with no direction from me, she was already a killing machine who could take apart the concord raider gang and use power armor like a veteran BOS paladin. Ah well.

    Anyway, what I would have loved back then were scouts. A settler who would scout out parts of the commonwealth, discover map markers, and provide some kind of information on whether or not it was hostile territory (like raiders.) Man, I would have loved that for immersion into the character.
    I play horizon now, and at low levels I occasionally get surprised by an unexpected deathclaw or something fiercer than I'd normally expect. But... Just sayin'. Not sure how useful it would be to any of us now.
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