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Fixed Essential mole rat in subduing Starlight Drive-in


New Member
I decided to subdue starlight drive-in and i did but there was a quest marker all the way at the back street apparel which i assumed which was a kidnapped settler. When i did find the kidnapped settler i found a rabid mole rat which was essential until i used console commands "kill" but it said something invalid. So i typed "recycleactor" which worked and the mole rat was teleported to starlight drive-in. But for the kidnapped settler i went out but he/she didnt say anything so i fast traveled to starlight drive-in then all of the subdued settlers were healed and attacked so i subdued them again. and for the mole rat... still essential but after subduing everyone they all wore the explosive collars they attacked me... sry for the long report.
Try the command code kah. It kills all hostiles in the area.