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Echo Lake Marina


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Once Echo Lake Lumber was secured, Far Harbor settlers decided to move in and use the abundant resources to create a new home for themselves.

Supports 14 settlers + city leader
Add-on packs used: Wasteland Ventures, Ruined Homes & Gardens, Sim Settlements Scrappers, Simple Living, Flotsam & Jetsam

Plot List
Agriculture: 3
Commercial: 3 + 1 blue man
Residential: 13
Industrial: 2
Martial: 3
Recreational: 2


Enter through the main gate and hope you pass the guard's and guard dog's inspection!

To the left, you'll find a guard plot, two farms, and a stop for traveling caravans. The main house is to the front and to the right is a few homes and the entrance to the docks.
Head into the main house and you'll find a museum on the main floor, a surgery center below, and the restaurant on the second floor. Just above the restaurant is a laundry room, the mayor's office, and if you can pass the mayor's test, you might get to visit the secret room in the attic.20200528163208_1.jpg

The buildings to the right include a recreational area and a shop. There's also houses scattered along the docks, a small brewery, and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the fresh air.

The settlers have repurposed the old lumber conveyor belt to a boat build and repair shop.
Past the boat repair is where the fishing and industry take place. It may be a little smelly but the mirelurk is good.

On the other side of the docks, settlers tan hides from their recent hunts, fish, raise mirelurks, and purify the lake water for drinking. The boss's house is on the small island and comes equipped with a private boat and bathroom.