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Door leading to the Bradberton Amphitheater vanishes


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I've merged the SalvageBeacons.esp with the Door-Fix.esp submitted by Pra. I'll send it to Kinggath and let him decide what to do with it. I like the mod but didn't like that I'd have to have 2 ESP files instead of one to get the fix. :)

Of course you can always do what I did. Get yourself a copy of Merge Plugins (Nexus ID: 69905). Make sure the Door-fix.esp is below Salvagebeacons.esp in your load order. The application is pretty easy to use. Select the files you want to merge. Pick up any other red highighted required files. Wait for it to load them all. Then select both ESPs, right-click on one of them, and add the two files to a merge. Right click the two selected files and check for errors (there won't be any). Then click the Hammer and let it do its thing. Then close the app. You'll find your new merged file in the merges folder where you installed Merge Plugins. Then get rid of the Door-Fix.esp and Salvagebeacons.esp files. Finally drag the merge into your data folder, and rename it to Salvagebeacons.esp. Done.
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