Question Do vanilla settlement requirements overlap with Output W/R/E ones?

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    Do the vanilla settlement requirements (plus the Sim Settlements ones, assuming one is using the SS plots) overlap with the Conqueror ones, in an Outpost? Maybe the answer is so obvious that I'm the only one left wondering about this, but I watched all of the recent Kingath Conqueror guide videos and didn't hear it mentioned explicitly.

    Many times Kingath explicitly mentions that you need beds and happiness to recruit, and that happiness is the base stat for morale. I guess the remaining vanilla requirements would include water, food, and security. Especially in the case of food, it would be very counter-intuitive if each subject of your empire required both "food" and "rations", although I understand that agricultural plots produce both simultaneously.

    e: Thread title should have read "[...] with Outpost W/R/E ones" :(
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