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Do I have to use City Plans?

Din'elen DarkStar

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City Planner (S3)
I had to take my city plans down cause to many mods used got pulled. Until I can fix them I can't in good conscience have them in the wild and broken


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Community Rockstar
What I meant is how entitled you are coming across, you say its up to me but at the same time insult anyone who doesnt have this one stance and that every mod maker owes YOU for no reward or praise or even acknowledgement.
I’m not insulting anybody or assuming they have to make anything for me specifically. I’m not even not giving them reward praise or acknowledgment. Every mod I download and use I endorse , every mod I enjoy I specifically post up letting them know.

but since my opinion differed from yours and the other people you say it’s an attitude and I’m insulting everybody. Sorry I’m not insulting anybody that’s a projection on your side.

my stance is 100% that once released online it’s out in the wild and free for everybody.

I bought a shirt for conquers cause I enjoy this mod and those who work on it. If you think anything I’m saying is directed at you it’s not , and once again this isn’t attacking insulting or an attitude it’s an opinion people need to know the difference.

either way my bad this isn’t what this thread was about sorry for the side line rant about stuff.