Old Post Did Preston just hire Gunners to defend Sanctuary?

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    I left Preston and the group alive, but never returned to Sanctuary. Jammer later starts talking about how I should have gotten rid of them in Concord. I decided to order a raid on Sanctuary to take them all down. When I get there, I am met with resistance from hired Gunners. Does this imply Preston hired the Gunners to defend Sanctuary from me? :lol

    Preston did not actually do anything in the battle, ignoring both the Gunners and my Raiders as he did his usual Sanctuary patrol. I captured Sturges & crew, and took Sanctuary as an outpost. Preston is still patrolling and whistling a merry tune as I decorate the town with severed heads and dismembered bodies. His dialogue is stuck saying "I'm glad you decided to join us."

    I took the Castle with SKK Workshop Utilities and made it my raider gang HQ. I've had a lot of Gunner attacks on the base and in the most recent attack, my gang was saved by a patrolling group of Minutemen that had spawned near the Gunner's attack point. This has been a weird play-through!
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    As you capture more settlements, more hired guns and gunners will be there to defend and attack settlments. When you spare or kill Preston, you will get the following:

    Spare: Preston will send Minutemen patrols after you every once in a while. This may, however, have been due to a mod conflict, as I haven't spared him since CP4.

    Execute The option to execute ANY NPCs in the game.

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