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Creation Kit Wiki --- what's actually going on?


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The CK wiki for FO4 is an absolute mess, it feels like a fourth of the pages are barely even stubs. One reason is likely their buggy functions for accepting new members and thus contributors. Confirmation e-mail not sent. Resend e-mail does nothing. Login attempt throwing 'you don't have cookies enabled', when you do have them enabled. Trying to create a new account makes the site suspicious and even more inaccessible.

Does anyone in here have the possibility of contacting the admins, pointing this out and ask them to look through logs for faulty rejections? There is no local help section and no way of contacting them.


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HQ Support
Due to editing issues, a copy of the CK wiki was made. The downside is it currently has less useful info than the actual CK wiki.
For systems that are shared between Skyrim and FO4 (like quests), you are better off looking at the Skyrim pages.


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About what system that are shared between Skyrim and FO4 -- Is there a complete list somewhere??
(sorry but just started with CK for F04 .. (and know nothing about skyrim >.<) -- tried to search CK wiki for what is shared, but most info is about "the changes.)