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Cool Console Command Trick


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I don't know if anyone else ever figured this out, or if it's ever been reported elsewhere, but I just discovered it this evening and it's going to save me a lot of time and effort.

I've been getting the caravans set up to move goods around the Commonwealth. I created a kit of gear for my caravaneers; fully modded gauss rifle and an armour set using the Colossus armour mod (the shiny chrome makes it easy to spot my caravaneers on the road). That's 8 or 9 pieces total. Every time I assigned a new caravaneer, I would gather up those items, throw them on the ground, then use use the spawndupe console command to dupe each item. Pick everything up, put the originals back into storage then equip the caravaneer.

I was about to do that for the latest caravaneer, but took a break first. Then a thought occured to me. If you put that stuff in a container, then dupe the container, does the stuff inside duplicate too??? I rushed back to the computer and tried it. Created a footlocker, put the caravaneer kit into, then duped the locker. It worked!!!! I freakin' duped the footlocker and everything in it! I don't have to dupe each item individually anymore.

Maybe I'm just late to the party, I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on the 'net so thought I'd share it with you people.

I know, I know, why am I duping those things? Well, the Colossus armour is something you get using the player.additem console command. Then you have to add the mods. It's just faster to dupe the one you already have.


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Good on you for figuring that out. But no, unfortunately you are not the first. I bookmarked this just a couple days ago, haven't even tried it yet, but sounds like you discovered it too: Fallout 4 - Duplicating specific item(s) with console commands - Steam Lists

The reason I bookmarked it was because it allowed you to duplicate specific items including any mods or upgrades you did to them. It sounded useful, so I bookmarked it.
Yeah, the game is old enough and has so many people playing it, the only thing that would have surprised me would have been that no one else had thought of it before. But I also assume there are many people who haven't, so the more it gets shared around the more people will know!

By all means, give it a try. There have been times I've needed multiple copies of a single item. This won't work for that case. For example, if you want to make four duplicates of a sniper rifle for your guards, you still need to drop it on the ground and use the spawndupe command four times.


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Works extremely well for those things, and as a side note, the scrap functionality is freaking awesome when you need a bunch of stuff early game for say a pistol or armor. The other option for early game to get the higher tier armor/weapon mods that I have used alot is SKK Omod stripper (search SKK in the nexus, they have a bunch of little mods that are really handy). Omod stripper lets you drop in all those weapons/armor/clothes into the chest it adds and , as the name implies, removes ALL of the attached omods and sends them to the local workbench, meaning once it is done you can upgrade your gear to your hearts content provided you found a piece of gear that had the mods you want attached, not need to use your materials, AND you dont have to meet the perk requirements for those specific mods. Can be kinda overpowered and some omods dont make since to be able to be removed and reused, but things light optics, grips, etc make perfect since to be yoinked from weapons/armor you dont want. added bonus: it works for removing legendary mods as well, so if you have a way to add legendary mods, but dont have the stuff to make them for the item you want, but have found an item with the legendary you want, its as easy as throwing the item with your wanted legendary in the box, wait for it to finish its thing, the hop in whatever bench you need and just slap it on your target item. Easy as that. only downside is that you dont get any experience for using those Omods to upgrade items, but any unused/unwanted leftovers can be sold, or if you want you can throw them in the scrap bin from Reproduce equipment and get the materials from them, as well as the stripped down items for all those materials.


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This is the second mod today that I learned about too late, and it's already been deleted.


This mod uses the F4SE plugin to search for recipes available in vanilla game or added by mods.
Must be compatible with any mods that add weapons or armors or modify vanilla recipes.
Tested with

Reproduce Equipment

Reproduces the equipment according to the sample.

Short: Make sample, load, push button, done!

More detailed
Create a Reproduce Equipment Workbench in the settlement (found under Crafting category of workshop menu).

1 Put the components (scrap) and loose mods you have in the workshop workbench.
2 Make a Sample manually.
3 Put the Samples in the "Sample Box".
4 Place your pre-collected weapons and armor (clothing) in the "In Box".
5 Press the button.
6 Wait. Any sort of impatient is not supported.
7 Take your ready-made equipment from the "Out Box".

How it works:
Workbench analyzes which mods are attached on the sample (this includes paints, decals, etc). Searches for these mods in the workshop workbench. If ready made mods are found it uses them. If ready made mods are not found, it checks for the availability of components for creating these mods. Creates mods if there are enough. Takes the item from "In Box". Attaches the needed mods and detaches unneeded mods.
In MCM you can choose where the detached mods will be sent.

Can enable cheat mode in MCM

Scrap Equipment

Short: load "Bin for Scrap", push button, done!

"Bin for Scrap" can:
1 Scrap weapons/armors/clothes
2 Scrap loose mods for weapons/armors/robots
3 Scrap misc items

If the mod for crafting weapons/armors is installed, then to scrap the base weapons/armors forms, the mod selects a recipe for crafting, rather than a vanilla recipe for scraping.

Takes into account the Scrapper perk

In MCM you can choose where the scraped components will be sent.

Can enable cheat mode in MCM

Download link (Google drive)