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Bug Consistent crash with a 'Mega Pack - Year Two' plot


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Save file
Pared my load order down to just UFO4P, WSFW, SS, ILS and the SS year two megapack. Running north into Hangman's Alley crashes me out 100% of the time after all models load in. (The save's obviously a wreck otherwise, since I just deactivated like 200 mods, but it still shows what I want it to show.)

I managed to work out that the specific plot causing the crash is ref ID ff01570e in the save, which reveals (via console command ViewZoneDetails) that the crashing plot is [VL] CT Gaming by Rodericksblade. Remotely refreshing the plot via RefreshPlot 1, oddly, fixes the crash, and the settlement may be safely approached.

Just figured I'd leave this here before I just refresh the plot and move on, since there may be something of interest in the save. I haven't looked into it any deeper than what I've written here, so I don't know what exactly about that plot is causing the crash.

Also maybe I should have just posted this in that sticky, but the way it's written makes it sound temporal (i.e. this Saturday, but from a year ago), so I dunno.


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You post it I'll figure out where to put it. :good

Thank you.

Reported and also did the discord thing for @kinggath