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Question Conqueror plots don't upgrade while non-conqueror plots progress normally

Gron the Barbariab

New Member
None of my main base Conqueror plots (Sanctuary Hills) have upgraded after multiple weeks, while my non-warlord settlement (Red Rocket) plots are progressing normally. Playing Conq 4.2.9 with Rise and Mega Pack.
  1. Settled Red Rocket as a standalone, Completed Jammer's Quests, assaulted Sanctuary Hills as primary warlord base, then vassalized Abernathy farms.
  2. Auto-upgrades are on, plots are powered, and city plans are off. Settlement is 3 warriors / 0 guards / 5 workers / 7 civvies, with 2 of each non-residential plot type and 11 residential plots. Everyone has a bed, and this is the only outpost so far. Food and water bars are full based on imports from Abernathy.
  3. Red Rocket plots i laid down there well after the Sanctuary Hills build have surpassed them.
Interestingly, while Deficit Costs are on, and the Conqueror base has a negative caps flow, it is not deducting from the caps surplus there... while in Red Rocket, everything is working as expected.

It's almost like my Conqueror base is broken. Any ideas?