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Question Conqueror + Anything adding additional spawns = crashes during fights around Concord *specifically* but nowhere else


New Member
Hi there

First of all, I play in VR with (AFAIK) the last compatible versions of SS 3 in 1 (4.1.7), SSQ (4.1.7a) and Workshop Framework (1.1.9.).

I've noticed that whenever I add a mod that adds more spawns of some kind, it almost always shits the bed specifically when Jammer and his boyz start fighting. My most recent replication of this was with Zombie Walkers 3.0.2. I ran from one end of the map to the other without issue, but as soon as I ran back to concord and the raiders there started fighting zombies, CTD.

This is something that also happened with SKK settlement attack system, everything would be fine until Jammer and his crew got involved, then it would often crash.

Does anyone know why this might be the case? I've had much heavier and more populated firefights elsewhere without issue, it just seems that something about Jammer and his goons does not agree with prolonged combat.