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fallout 4 vr

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    Question Conqueror + Anything adding additional spawns = crashes during fights around Concord *specifically* but nowhere else

    Hi there First of all, I play in VR with (AFAIK) the last compatible versions of SS 3 in 1 (4.1.7), SSQ (4.1.7a) and Workshop Framework (1.1.9.). I've noticed that whenever I add a mod that adds more spawns of some kind, it almost always shits the bed specifically when Jammer and his boyz...
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    Requesting a mod/patch to disable the HUDFramework messages, for VR players.

    As the title says, the HUDFramework doesn't really work in VR, which means you get spammed with constant error messages/pop-ups as long as you're anywhere near a settlement, which is annoying and makes it hard to see. A simple tweak to disable any and all HUDFramework error messages/broken...
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    Non-SS Bug Is there a way to fully disable the HUDFramework pop-up messages in the top left corner?

    I'm playing on FO4VR, so those messages are just random strings of 0s and "GenericMessage" 90% of the time. I've tried disabling every HUD-related option in the SS2 options holotape, but I still get constantly spamming with annoying pop-ups whenever I'm in a settlement. Is there a way to force...
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    Alternative for signs/plaques

    Playing in VR and sadly signs/plaques dont show any text, is there maybe alternative way to display that info?