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Companions keep jobs/homes after taking them and dismissing


New Member
As the title suggests, perhaps a feature where say you take Piper who has a job and residential plot assigned, where instead of when you take them as a companion they lose their assignments, they keep them and return to what they were doing after dismissing them.

Not sure if this has been previously addressed but, I don't see why this can't be a thing. Even if you send them to a different settlement accidently, as soon you send them to the correct settlement they would auto reassign without the plots being sniped by other settlers if auto assignment was on as if they were reserved. Of course having auto assignment on would probably do this exact thing but its a universal setting so its just annoying where settlers are assigning themselves jobs others are better suited for.


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City Planner (S3)
I’m not sure that would be possible - you’ll notice when you recruit a companion that was living in a settlement that the population drops by one. This suggests to me that they are not considered part of the settlement any more at that point, which means that they can’t ‘own’ anything there (job, home, etc). Since that is base game behaviour, changing it may not be simple, if it’s even possible....

Assuming it is possible, you’d be left paying upkeep on plots that weren’t productive while the reserved owner ran around with the player - not ideal, especially on higher difficulty settings.