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Civil Affairs: Sod or Cod


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Yes, I approve. Of course I do.

I bet your folks are thrilled, too.

You went through some tough times, I’m glad to see you end up with someone as rock-solid as Daniel.

I have a wedding present for you.

A choice of two, actually. Plymouth or Assonet.

There’s nobody I’d trust more. You’ve been part of Northbridge from day one. You have been absolutely critical to its success. You know how we did what we did, and you have always had good ideas on how to do things even better, and the guts to tell me when I’m wrong.

I know you are capable of starting your own place. Even if you hadn’t chosen a man like Daniel as your partner.

Hell, I’d already planned to offer you your choice, and him the other one. I’m a little disappointed that I can’t have each of you leading your own colony, but with both of you running the same stake, it is guaranteed to thrive.

And you’ll have first pick of the rest of your crew. All volunteers, of course, but they’ll be fighting to see who gets to join you.

I’d prefer if you chose at least half from among the Incomers. It will be better for everyone if they start identifying with where they are now than where they came from. And they’re all survivors. Years--some their whole lives--enslaved, then the exodus from Watervliet… tough people.

You two should take a few weeks honeymoon, and ride down to inspect both areas before you choose. Both have advantages, and both will become important sites as we rebuild.

Assanet would probably be the more comfortable choice. It’s inland, there’s some damn good farmland, and it’s relatively free of beasties and ferals. When things get rolling in Fall River and Rhode Island, you’ll have the major waystation in the region.

Plymouth, on the other hand, would be a bigger change for you. Whoever ends up running things there is gonna have to learn about the sea. Well, the Bay, at first, but the coast, all the way out the Cape, has got to be tamed. There are a lot more nasties down that way, mirelurks and worse, but whoever ends up holding down there will pass on a tremendous amount of wealth to their children and grandchildren.

Take your time with this. Talk to your man. Spend time in both areas. Pick your crew. Then tell me what you decide. I’ll give you the summer to figure it out. Let me know by the harvest festival. I’m already putting together the supplies I anticipate each of the spots to need for a start, but that will give you the fall and winter to really make good arrangements. Next spring you should be all ready to go carve out your own place in the world with the people and gear of your choice.

I can’t wait to see what you two make of it.