Civil Affairs: Idle Hands

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    I will never forgive you.

    Hell, I didn’t really like you that much BEFORE you got my wife crippled.

    I don’t find you charming, and I really don’t find you funny.

    But for some reason, I trust you, despite your being one of the most dishonest people I’ve ever known.

    And I definitely respect your skill at infiltration and intelligence-gathering.

    And you can think on your feet.

    You’re a survivor.

    And you're smart.

    A giant pain in my ass, but a potentially useful one.

    Ready for another job?


    Once again, I’m sending you way the hell away from the Commonwealth.

    South this time. Capital Wasteland.

    Remember Scribe Haylen?

    She’s been sending me “coded” messages ever since the Brotherhood took their toys and went home.

    Arthur lost a lot of face up here, but it hasn't humbled him.

    Made him even worse, sounds like.

    He’s gone from running a glorified protection racket to seizing outright control of most of the settlements. Bleeding them dry to rebuild his power base.

    I don’t think he’s stupid enough to make another run at us, but believe me, he’s bound and determined to go fuck things up for somebody as soon as he can. Gotta make himself feel like a big man again.

    It probably wasn’t the smartest move on my part to let him leave here alive, but most of his people aren’t bad, just poorly-led.

    Oh some of them are bullying scumbags, for sure. He’s made that little shit Rhys a paladin now, for instance.

    But there are still a bunch of them who remember what things were like when the Lyons family was running things, and are ashamed of what is being done.


    Even if I had any interest in another war, which I absolutely do not, I wouldn’t want to do anything that far away. Wasn’t Watervliet a clear enough lesson?

    But if there is a chance of building up some sort of resistance to Arthur’s ambitions, a GOOD chance, mind you, I’d be willing to invest some resources in giving them a better chance to succeed.

    I’m not sure yet. It will depend a lot on who and what there is to work with down there.

    Which is where you come in.

    I want you to join up with the next caravan, or Reilly’s Rangers, or whoever you think makes the most sense. Do what you do best. Nose around, find shit out, make contacts.

    If you think stirring shit up is a good idea, go ahead and do so, but I’m hoping you can find somebody I can work with. Somebody with some sense who isn’t out to become a replacement dictator.

    Oh you can shove that right up your ass. If I had wanted that, it was mine for the taking. I didn’t. I don’t. I won’t.

    Madison tells me there was somebody down there who had earned a lot of respect. A former vault-dweller. See if you can find them. Size them up. Get me a better sense of what’s going on, and what can be done.

    Haylen is a good, smart kid with a huge heart, but she is not suited for the kind of clandestine shit that you are. Warn her to lower her profile and stay alive. If you think she’s been compromised, then forget the rest, and get her out of there.

    Otherwise, take as long as you need to down there, I promise you won’t be missed.
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    Well, I have figured out what happened to the Lone Wanderer.

    I'm not sure if or how I'll use it, but at least I know.

    It even ties into a New Vegas side quest.
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