Civil Affairs: Dispatches

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    March 3, 2291

    NV: Can you hear me OK? This transmitter looks like something I woke up next to in that trash heap.

    JC: Loud and Clear, Nick. Good to hear your voice.

    NV: Isn’t that the first thing you say to yourself every morning?

    JC: Yep. Right after “Oh. Fuck. Ow.”

    NV: Can you get a message to the Nakanos for me? It looks like I’m gonna be up here for a while.

    JC: Sorry to hear that. Of course I can. Shoot.

    NV: The girl is safe, and understands she’s not a synth. Thank Liam for his help on that. She plans to stay up here though. She’ll send a letter back with a friend who’s coming that way.

    JC: Can’t say I blame her. Who’s the friend?

    NV: Local dame. She’s good people. Thinks she’s got something fatal, I convinced her she needed a second opinion from Curie.

    JC: You’re not stepping out on Ellie are you? She was sweet on you even before we got your face fixed. Hell, I could barely look at you back then.

    NV: Wiseass.

    JC: Me? Slander!

    NV: I need one more thing. Did your people ever make any sense out of what they found on the robobrain project?

    JC: Jesus. What a nightmare. Madison put someone on her shit list on it. Why?

    NV: Personal project. I’d appreciate a copy of the report. You can send it back with the Mariner.

    JC: Roger that. The Mariner? That’s your sick friend? She’s not another wannabe comic book hero is she?

    NV: Nope just a crusty Down Easter.

    JC: Anything else?

    NV: The rest can wait until I get back. Will I still recognize Boston by then?

    JC: Parts of it. Probably. If you don’t dawdle.

    NV: Just leave my office alone, anyway. The rent’s paid until September.

    JC: You got it, tin man. Try not to rust up there.

    NV: You know, I think I prefer talking to you by radio.

    JC: Why’s that?

    NV: Because I can get in the last word.

    *end transmission*


    Received July 11, 2291 via caravan. Estimated original date mid February to early March.

    Homecoming chaotic. Methuselah behavior erratic. Many turning to PI for direction.

    Confirm Z still in custody. Poor health. Mentally unstable.

    No word here from Astaire. Hope he turns up soon.

    Will update when possible.

    Straw Boss.


    August 3, 2291 Decrypted Transmission

    Finally in place. Sturgemobile broke down for good 20 miles short of target.

    Contact made with infiltrator. Reports accurate. Monorail functional all the way in. Terminal some sort of death gauntlet. Park infested with very large number raiders. Multiple gangs. Recommend increasing strength strike force as much as practical. Send combat engineers if ready.

    Civilians concentrated near park entrance. Will secure when dance begins.


    August 8, 2291 Decrypted Transmission

    Target secured. Civilians safe.

    Glory’s team made big loud entrance. Gangs overwhelmed. Survivors scattered into surroundings, other parks. Estimate 2-4 weeks mopping up before safe for salvage teams.

    What is favorite flavor Nuka? Will bring case.


    September 4, 2291


    You were right, retirement was boring.

    I miss it already.

    But you were also right that slavery is just as wrong whether a person was born or manufactured.

    I was surprised how many of the folks here wanted to stay now that the gangs are gone. Something about these wide open spaces gets in your bones, I guess. After so many years hiding in one hole or another, it’s gonna take me a while to get used to all this sky. It almost makes me feel sympathy for the folks who got exiled from the Institute. Almost.

    There’s a lot of work ahead getting this place organized. As we discussed before I came out here, if you want me to do it, you have to really let me be in charge. You can make all the suggestions you want, but If you’re gonna trust me to do this, you have to trust me to do this my way.

    Tom has made some new friends out here who make him look like the most rational human being on earth. They’re trying to get him to build them a spaceship or something.

    Stanley seems happy in his own special way, with lots of new people to be condescending to. But he’s doing a lot of good. Those bastards really neglected the health of their slaves, and demeanor notwithstanding, he really is a good doctor.

    Glory swears she is going to take up farming. I give her six months tops before she’s on your doorstep, looking for new bad guys for you to point her at.

    Deacon has already slipped away. I don’t even want to know where you’ve sent him now. I wish I could say I’ll miss him, but his bullshitting just wears me out. The cute wore off a long time ago.

    Thanks again for this opportunity. It’s good to have purpose again.

    Come visit us sometime, the monorail ride is amazing. Feel free not to bring Piper, though.



    -- More to come --
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