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City Plans Building Without Walls


New Member
Ack, fumbled the keyboard up there... anywho, I'll get straight to business. I'm a longtime user of Sim Settlements 1, and I recently had to go and reinstall everything due to an unrelated, but gamebreaking issue. Now I've reinstalled all my mods and I'm working out the kinks, but I've come across one I've never seen before.

When building up my settlements with City Plans, buildings will get floating roofs and whatnot, with no walls being built in. It's nor invisible walls, either- the plans just straight up skip the walls in these plans. It appears to happening for every plan on every settlement.

I am playing PC, I am using Mod Organizer 2, and I do have many of the SS1 Addons and Plan Packs merged together. I do not have any scrapping mods. I'm not sure what would cause the plans to just... not build the walls, so I'm at a bit of a loss, here. Any help is appreciated.