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Choosing a place to attack

Marc Eastman

Active Member
Apologies if this isn’t a bug, but after having Jammer go on walkabout and then getting stuck with him talking about Gunners, I started over and did nothing but go straight to Jammer, avoid going back to Sanctuary with Preston and just continue straight with Jammer.

Thus, I haven’t been to any settlements but Sanctuary and Red Rocket. When I get to him telling me I have to pick a place to attack those two are the only options. That seems decidedly odd given the whole idea of all the cities building themselves.

Is this works as intended? Do I have to go to the other places for them to come up?
I think you need to discover locations first. My Jammer only displays settlements I've discovered. That being said, I know that Conqueror still has cities running automatically even if you haven't discovered it yet. If true, this decision was more about immersion that a bug. Jammer isn't like Shank, who was a know-it-all because he had a network of spies. Jammer only has you.
It was an immersion decision.

Once you run out of locations, Jammer will give you the scouting perk so you can mark raid targets on your map by getting near them (but you don't have to get so close as to explore them- so you can RP the spying!).
Apologies if this isn’t a bug, but after having Jammer go on walkabout and then getting stuck with him talking about Gunners

That part is a quirk with the vanilla AI package used by settlers you find in the world. I was using it for Jammer, but didn't realize it was unreliable. I have a potential hotfix I'm working on that makes him use a custom package to avoid the vanilla bug.

Feel free to try it if he continues to act up.

When things are working, Jammer should make his way to your first Outpost as soon as you set it up.
So.... I’m on xbox. ;)

On the other hand, I’m just in the middle of potentially “working around” the problem and seeing if that works out enough for everything else to continue on.

On my second effort I noticed that he was again going to Warwick, so I backed up and just made that the first place I attack and lo and behold he is on his way again. Have to sleep but we will see how that goes.
So, just to have the information out there, it worked to just figure out where he was going and make that the outpost target as far as moving on to the next thing, except for two problems.

Went and took Jamaica plain for vassal, everything seemed fine, quest finished, vassal pop up fired, but as soon as I clicked ok on the pop up all the civilians dropped dead.

Went back to Jammer and he gave line about gunners but no gunners