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Discussion in 'Conqueror (Mod Suggestions Here)' started by Tiggerdyret, Mar 14, 2020.

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    I had this idea for choosing your soldier's armor yourself. You could have Mannequin stationed in your settlement, that you could add outfits to the same way you do with followers. When you've added an outfit to the Mannequin you would be asked a price to outfit you soldiers with this particular outfit given it's price and how many soldiers needed to be outfitted with it. There could also be a Mannequin for other roles or maybe you could add more than one, so as to randomize between a couple of outfits.
    This would really personalize your army and might even alleviate the need for faction packs on some cases.
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    Perhaps with F4SE this could be possible? however there should be a mannequin for each rank then and the purchase prices for the gear should be drawn from the resources.

    You could get a another soldier or two or outfit a veteran with that full set of sturdy combat armor.

    My preffered method is to have 1-2 soldiers with me as guards and turn off armory upgrades for them, once they are elite rangers i return them to the outpost with the equipment they scavenged.

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